Succubus Stories is an erotic text-based adventure game currently in development for PC and the web.


You can play for free online, but by supporting the game on Patreon, you can access the Patron Edition, which gets new content early and features built-in cheats and convenience options.


Story and Gameplay

In Succubus Stories you play as a peasant girl turned succubus, plotting her revenge against the powerful people who ruined her life and stole her family's land. She needs semen to survive, and has to manage her ravenous lust as she gets closer to her goals.

Current Game Progress

The game is estimated to be around 95% complete. This estimate and the below description refer to the Patron Edition of the game, which may be ahead of the Free Edition.

Succubus Stories is currently over 490,000 words in length and still growing! The game includes more than 75 different activities, hundreds of unique and repeatable events, over 30 different side quests, dozens of traits, perks, and unlockable special abilities, dozens of potions to craft, and more. The game features a non-linear, branching narrative with real choices, and four out of five planned story chapters are currently completed. The game features interesting supporting characters who can be both friends and lovers, with three major romance options.


  • Dynamic sexual encounters. Perform a variety of sex acts with both male and female partners using a dynamic encounter system that provides dozens of evolving options in a turn-based format.
  • Tons of erotic content. Discover dozens of unique events, activities, game systems, and quests covering a wide-range of kinks and interesting game mechanics.
  • Sandbox-style gameplay. You have the freedom to interact with the world and NPCs at your discretion. Walk around nude, proposition characters for sex, engage in prostitution, or even get thrown in the dungeon for indecent behavior. The game responds to your reputation, fetishes, and behavior in interesting and realistic ways.
  • A compelling story. Enjoy a non-linear narrative with interesting characters, a truly choice-driven plot, and several surprising twists and turns.
  • Meaningful progression. Unlock new behaviors and activities. Develop fetishes and sexual skills. Gain various traits and perks to further define your character. Use alchemy to create powerful potions with interesting effects.
  • Play anywhere. The game is available as an executable for Windows, but can also be played in any modern web browser, online or offline.
  • Mod support. The Windows version of the game includes mod support, with mod tools and documentation available for free to all users.


Planned Features

  • Post game content, including a new game plus feature.
  • Six different endings.
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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Aug 06, 2020
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(810 total ratings)
AuthorOutsider Artisan
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
Made withTwine
TagsAdult, Erotic, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Moddable, NSFW, Story Rich, Text based, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, One button
LinksHomepage, Patreon, Community, Game Wiki, Mod Tools and Docs, Support


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Windows (64-bit) 426 MB
Version 0.14.3
Windows (32-bit) 417 MB
Version 0.14.3
Offline Browser 301 MB
Version 0.14.3
[MOD] Convent 43 kB
[MOD] Sniff (Oral Sex Action) 1 kB

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How do you get the breeding bitch perk?

You should get it after giving birth a few times.

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Can we get a more detailed guide? Like I've been trying to do a "pure" run (ikr lol), meaning no prostitution, exhibitionism and staying at lady reputation. I still became a skank over time. The guide says my reputation will affect the factions. It'd be better to know what actions really affect the reputation and which perks and traits affect it.

Btw is it possible to go back to lady reputation from skank or slut? I played for several in game days punching gropers but all it did was to make people think I'm innocent.

Ps. If the game is designed to make me to become slut or higher (I restarted after getting slut reputation) over time then it's understandable.

The reputation system probably needs a rework, since certain things like urinating cause you to move toward being more slutty (this is because internally these count as “erotic events” and I need to add code to create an exception for them). Some other innocuous things also count, like certain ways to avoid being arrested, getting caught outside without your clothes even if they were stolen, etc. Reputation is probably not a good indicator of how pure your run is do to this.

Your overall reputation only advances based on the total number of scenes you’ve been in, and doesn’t go back down. The three other reputation values (skill, depravity, and notoriety) all go up and down, but the overall rep never goes back down, so you can’t go back to lady, unfortunately.

A pure run isn’t actively intended to be possible, but it’s an interesting idea, and I think I could track it independently of the rep systems in place, and provide special rewards and bonuses for players who manage it, probably in the form of unique traits. It’s something I’ll think about!

Any chance you'll make this for android. I can play the web on android but not download the game for it

You can download the browser version and use it with the JoiPlay app.


The link explains in detail.


You can download the browser version and use it with the JoiPlay app.

please tell me

how do i get the male urine

Male urine is very easy to get starting in chapter 2 once you find the bandit camp. Prior to chapter 2 it’s only possible by finding select events or by using piss liquors on male NPCs.

saves are broken for me.  I can save but when I load all progress is gone from a certain point (I'm still in prologue) I know this because the last successful save has me with a full exp bar with 2 points I can use them but then if I load a save those perks are gone and my points are back. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I tried  a new game and new saves  but nothing works HELP PLEASE!!  T_T

The game state is only updated when a new passage is rendered, like if you move to a new location, or start or finish an activity, etc. What this means is even if you change for example your inventory, or buy new traits, then save, the game state that gets saved is the one that was updated the last time a passage was rendered.

A lot of games do stuff like this, for example, even if you save while standing in the middle of the room, many games will load your character in at the door to the room.

At any rate, this isn’t a bug, and it should have no major averse effects.

ah.. that's embarrassing  sorry for the mix up.


i did not know that i had this much of a piss kink.


i do actually imagine the main character throwing the jizz bombs like a professional baseball player.


i am an absolute menace to society with the amount of underwear ive stolen


some people may not like the superfluous adding of random extra words to make phrases like "slick fuck-slit"

i am not one of those people. this writing is the best.

Problem: I reached the part in chapter 3 where I have to talk to my allies and come up with a plan. Dale the guard is one of the ones I have to talk to, but he is permanently missing from the barracks. 

I remember accepting his request for the potion but I don't think I completed it. Is this fixable or is my save screwed?

screwed, you may be able to fix it if it is early enough, i haven't found a way though

I’ll investigate this.

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how do i gather info about Wimbol? I've checked the wiki and still can't figure out how to make a cunning potion.

(1 edit)

If you go to uptown at night you can ask Priscilla about it. You’ll need to complete her first request though.

thank you <3

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what's the difference between the Windows version and the offline version?

The Windows version is a little better in general of you can run it. You can load up any mods, whereas the offline browser version requires mod files to be hosted in some way to be loaded up. Also the Windows version has better performance overall and save files are permanent, whereas in the browser version, save files are tied to browser local storage and can sometimes be deleted automatically or accidentally.

That said, the browser versions do have some good points of their own. For one, you can use browser extensions and features that may help you, like for translation or accessibility. The browser version is also compatible with many more operating systems and devices, is smaller to download, and can even be played on the web without having to download anything.

(1 edit)

Quick question. how do i progress the relationships with Rais, Priscilla and gray & carol? And how do i make a homunculus? 


You can find details on how to start the romances with each character on the wiki. As for the homunculus, it’s a reward for a request.

Love the game loads of fun ;) Have you considered adding an incubus feature/counterpart?

I actually did plan to do this in the early stages, but I decided against it. It would be such a massive undertaking at this point it might be faster to make a whole second game if I were so inclined.

(1 edit)

Quick question. How do you equip perks? 

Perks (and traits too) should automatically go into effect once unlocked. You don’t need to equip them.

Thanks! i appreciate the help.

(1 edit)

im having a problem( is in spanish so i wont post a cap) but it says that theres is not a entrance point for ¨DiscardVirtualMemory¨ in the library of dynamic links.Also it leads me to the nw.dll

Currently, only Windows 10 & 11 are supported in the Windows build. I plan to change this in the next release and re-add support for 7 & 8, but until then you’ll have to play either the offline browser build or online web build of the game.

i see, thanks then for the response.

wonder if you can get pregnant 

You can do so with inseminal potions.

i found a nice mod for that

pity its only demon eggs as that one guy you can romance allowing the option to get pregnat after marring him would be nice


I want to say a few things.

First off, the game exceeded my expectations immensely. Not saying I had low expectations, but seeing a not fully complete game with a female protagonist and humiliation and watersports content did make me come in with certain, unsavory expectations. I've seen way too many games that just ruin themselves by just overloading with non-censual/rape scenes that I could never enjoy games with these tags despite them being my main thing. What made me give this game a try was that I saw there was no rape tag and the MC in the images looked like she was genuinely enjoying herself.

I'm glad to say you made a new fan out of me. This is pretty much the only game I've found that caters towards my specific interests that doesn't add in unnecessary non-consent content which already makes me respect the game far more than 98% of the ones I've played. Also the story is genuinely engaging. Its standard and generic with a very moustache twirling antagonist, but that's all it needs to be and the game works with that really well. 

My only issues are the amount of bugs the game has and certain points that makes me remember that this game is still pretty much in beta. For instance, I'm pretty sure my perks/traits are bugged. I can't get the gloryhole stuff, and as a comment below me says, they also had the same problem. The Carol quest also either bugged or showed that not every option is complete, cause I did the blackmailing option but the game ended it as if I did the futa option by mentioning that Carol had a dick. Overall, these are nitpicks which I'm sure will be ironed out, but its still worthwhile mentioning them so the creator is aware. 

I'll probably do a second playthrough and hopefully thats not bugged so I can get the full traits/perks. I really want to shout at other developers to make content with these tags and not just have it be a rapefest, cause this was actually a really enjoyable experience cause I don't have to re-evaluate my morals any time a scene happens. 

Super fun game! But I've run into a problem where the Perks for Requests just don't unlock. They did in my first playthrough but now they don't. Preservation, futa, gloryhole, etc. don't give any perks. I've tried both downloaded and browser versions but the same thing is happening. Am I doing the quests too early? Do I have to wait until later on? It says I've earned the Perk but it's just not there?

I know the terminology is confusing but these are traits, not perks. Are you certain you’re checking the correct list?

Ah, I got it. Apparently it glitched the first time I played. For some reason, during my first playthrough, the traits appeared as perks in the on-screen pop-up. As such, when they didn't appear in the pop-up in my next playthrough I thought something was wrong. Thank you for the clarification. I have no idea how in the world that first glitch happened.


how do you get the mouth-watering milkers trait

(1 edit)

You can get it by using a lactical potion to start lactating. If you were already lactating since before the last patch, you need to take two to shut off and start lactating again, and then you should be able to purchase the trait. I believe taking a hyper lactical also works whether you were already lactating or not.


Hi! I'm having an issue with the game: I can't switch from 3D render to hand drawn pictures, inside the Settings menu. When I click on the drop-down menu, it flashes and it just goes away. I recorded the bug and stored the video on my Google Drive so I can post it here since there's no way to upload videos other than embedded YouTube ones.

Browser: Opera Mobile 78.1.4143

Phone: Huawei P40 Lite

Android 10

Here's the video of the bug:

Switching art inside game bug


How strange. Thanks for letting me know! I’ll look into this.

No problem.

how do i get to chapter 1? i got to the point that i have the stall but cant figure out how to transfer

The journal should tell you what you need to do. After getting the stall, I think you need to sell some potions, then talk to Roland, then go home and sleep.

i have rested but it did not work... help please

What does the journal say to do?



how do i take the futa potion thing

(2 edits)

You can take futa potions or use them on female partners prior to certain scenes. You can also use them from the potion inventory; doing so has different effects depending on your exhibitionism-oriented perks and how populated the area is. The player character will either refuse to take a futa potion because her dress won’t over it, take it and start a flashing activity, or take it and start masturbating.

how do you get to the fertility clinic

Once you become a maid, you can start doing maid work by going to the maid academy and asking for a job. There’s a random chance for you to spot a flyer which unlocks the location when starting a maid job.


When will there be mobile port?

Maybe, but the web version is mobile friendly and the offline browser version is compatible with JoiPlay on android. Doing a native port doesn’t seem necessary to me, given the work involved.

how to get the gloryhole to show up and what is the indication it is him

Complete the request in chapter 1 you get by taking to Roland at the tavern. Not sure what you mean by the second part.

i mean how do i know its him

Know it’s who?

how do i know its the gloryhole

If you don't know what is  a "gloryhole" maybe you're too young for this game.


Does what you choose to pretend to be at the beginning of the game affect anything later on?

It only affects your starting social skills. The bonuses are listed on the wiki:

Idea bulit in cheats like give some tp or potions etc


Built in cheats that give fetish and experience points, ingredients, and TP are present in the patron edition of the game.


Unfortunate maybe like add a cheat to the free version but it's still a great game

said the mods were loaded but no content was added, i checked and it still said it was there.


Can i make the story solely yuri and futa on female without male, the hunger system makes me hassle


It is not really intended for players to be able to avoid straight content, but this planned to be a valid way to play my other game, Hex (“yuri mode” is coming in an update to that game this week).

For SS, the best you can do is (1) start with lacticals, (2) grind TP and alchemy, and (3) buy the trait that enhances feeding off of breast milk as soon as possible. Even then, this doesn’t completely remove all the straight content and references to it, but it should make it so you can largely avoid straight sex as part of the sandbox gameplay.

How can i play on Android?

The web version is mobile friendly and can be played right in your mobile browser. If you want to play offline, you can use the JoiPlay app or similar and the offline browser version.

will this get an android port? this look clean on android

Probably not. I feel like the available options for play on Android work fine. Any app I make would just be like a worse version of JoiPlay that only plays the one game. The only benefit would be that a dedicated app would be very slightly more convenient to install.

Hey I can't seem to join the Discord server when I click the invite link on this page and it takes me to the Discord invite and a try to join it simple reloads the page

The discord link still doesn't work so I copied and pasted the actual link in discord and was able to joi

I tested the links and they seem to work.

Hey, it keeps getting "Fatal Error" when trying to launch on web. Any chance of fixing it?

I need more info. What OS and browser? Is there any other info in the error message? What happens when you dismiss the error? What is in the console (F12). I am not having this error, so I can’t do anything about it without help.

I hope you dont mind me asking but what software do you use for your 3d pictures? Also the game is really fun! Really good job

Hi! Thanks, I’m glad you liked the game. I use Daz3D for the renders.

how to get impregnated?

(1 edit) (+2)

You need potions called inseminals. You can start with them if you choose the right option. You can buy them from wicked Pam as well. You will also eventually unlock them as you level up your alchemy.

Maybe the best way though is to visit the fertility clinic in uptown. If you don’t have any inseminals in your inventory, you can ask the doctor at the fertility clinic to give you some.

After giving birth the first time, you’ll ublock traits that you can purchase that allow you to get pregnant without the potions.

thank you


The story is very engaging,the characters are well written and the progression is addicting, loved it.  I wish the text was bigger and that the scenes were put on focus, specially the ones from the quests.


I'm pretty sure there's a setting no?

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