Mod Round-Up

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Two user-created mods have been hosted on my personal website (with permission from the authors) so that players playing on the browser version can now experience them! Downloadable mod files for Windows users are also, of course, available.

Links can be found on the relevant pages for these mods.


This mod by Alicia Seelentanz features our favorite emotional support succubus comforting and caring for people in the way she knows best. This mod lets you work a special shift in the tavern as a barmaid, and will see the player character comforting customers by listening to their problems and providing some optional sexual relief. In addition to that, players in a romance with Priscilla who have moved in with her can catch her sleeping and provide some gentle sexual healing for her as well.

“Healslut” is pretty wholesome and leans more on the emotional intimacy of sex, and I think it’s something that the base game doesn’t do particularly well, making it a really great mod for people who were missing that kind of thing.

Yellow Piss Road

This mod is exactly what it says on the tin! More watersports and pissing content for players who want it! Given that this is something that I’m into, I found this mod incredibly hot. If you like this sort of thing, definitely check this mod out.

“Yellow Piss Road” adds pissing actions to every type of encounter, allowing the player character to share her love for watersports with all her sexual partners. You can also decide to urinate on yourself when peeing in public instead of wasting it, and also added is a new scene for the bandit camp’s infamous latrine!

Official Mods

Don’t forget you can also install the sniff sex action and the convent mod! A list of currently available mods, both official and player made, can be found on the wiki!

Modders Welcome!

Wanna try your hand at modding? Have ideas for hot scenes? Just want to give your two cents? The best place for all of that is on the Discord server, so feel free to join us

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how to apply the mod files into the game?

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This page explains installing mod files on Windows.

For the browser version, the only difference is you copy and paste the relevant URLs in.

the first 2 links lead to a dead wiki page

Yeah it was a bad time for Miraheze to completely shit itself but there isn’t a lot I can do about it. One of their cloud servers is down and they have no ETA on when it will be back.