Succubus Stories v0.13 Update Preview

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Version 0.13.2 will be coming out on Friday, bringing with it all the v0.13 content to the free edition of the game at long last! I will be creating a separate post for patrons detailing just what’s new in v0.13.2 soon, but this post will be detailing everything that’s coming to the free edition, for the benefit of free players, who haven’t received an update since v0.12.2.

New Requests and Story Content

Four new requests and a small amount of new story content have been added.

  • Talk to Wicked Pam in the coven after having been in a combat encounter. You’ll also need to have completed the request Fixing a Hole in order for this request to be available.
  • Visit Carol at Gray’s house in the backstreets to help her learn some new life skills! And maybe learn a new skill yourself!
  • Carol may approach you after helping you sell potions and witnessing you giving blowjobs, and ask for some help with something…
  • Talk to Charlotte after completing a certain number of other requests and unlocking the kissing magic ability and offer to help her with her insomnia! This request unlocks a sexy new activity with her and will eventually lead to her romance option in future versions.

New Artwork and Cosmetics

All new status and character portraits have been added to the game, replacing the old ones. This new artwork supports the new outfit system.

While some of the new outfits are patron edition exclusives, three outfits will come to the free edition (pictured above). These outfits need to be unlocked before they can be used; visit the wardrobe at home and click on an outfit to see it’s unlock conditions.

Daily Missions

A new system for daily missions has been added. Players will receive three missions to complete each day (real-life, meat-space days). These simple tasks will reward some G and a small amount of rare materials when turned in. Use the Journal (hotkey: E) to view and turn in daily missions. More involved or longer requests will grant improved rewards.

Currently, there are no rewards for completing all three, but I may change that in the future, perhaps by rewarding TP (trait points) or or something of similar value.

New Activities

  • Added two new NPC interactions unlocked via the new Butt Slut and Cock Sleeve trait sets. Show your ass or pussy to NPCs to entice them.
  • Added Kissing Magic, a new system that allows the player to cast certain potion-like effects on NPCs with smooches.
  • A new activity has been added to help Charlotte with her insomnia. This activity features a lot of options, and many of these options can’t be unlocked unless you sleep with her a few times (3 or so) and she likes you enough, so try it out a few times!
  • A brand new, very detailed activity with Gray and Carol. This activity can be a bit wonky to unlock, but I wrote an entire post covering it here:
  • A new “catharsis” potion which leads to a new activity. The recipe for the potion can be learned from Carol by selling potions with her. After selling potions with her a few times, she has a chance to give the player the recipe.
  • Pregnancy and birthing! After using a potion (or gaining a certain trait) the player character will become fertile and able to “conceive” a magical egg, which she can then give birth to. These eggs are special, powerful potions that have unique effects. Anal pregnancy is also possible, but separate from vaginal pregnancy for those that find it weird. New pregnancy/fertility traits have been added; they will become available after giving birth for the first time!
  • There is now a bucket in the dungeon, and the player character can engage in…frivolities with it.


Several new traits, and two new advanced trait lines, and new request reward traits have all been added.

After completing a request added in this version, you will be able to purchase a selection of potions from the market, including some unique potions that can only be purchased.

A new tier of potions has been added, introducing the new “Inseminal” potions that connect to the new pregnancy/birth content.


Added the ability to “leg lock” partners during vaginal and anal sex encounters to “force” a creampie. You must unlock the relevant traits to perform this action. Will help with getting preggers, so if you want to get pregnant a lot, get those traits!

Demonic eggs, gained from pregnancy and birth, can be used on male partners during encounters. These will cause partners to gain additional energy, meaning they can have more orgasms before getting tired.


Most health-restoring potions now have a chance to grant the “regeneration” status, which causes a small amount HP (10 to 20) to be restored passively over time. Higher quality potions have a greater chance of granting this status; the odds range from around 20% for sperm scooped off your own body to 85% for “amrita” potions. The status lasts for at least one turn, and has a growing chance of ending on every turn after the first. This should help free up players a bit in combat to try to engage in some actions other than just healing.

Also added are several new traits related to combat.

Interface Changes

  • The background in dark mode has been darkened by a few shades to help colored dialogue text stand out a bit better.
  • Drop shadows for text have been made larger and darker in dark mode to improve text legibility.
  • The game’s primary font has been changed. Some secondary fonts have also been changed. These changes are largely aesthetic, so do let me know if you don’t like the new font choices.
  • Players can now craft potions in batches of 10 if they have the required ingredients.

Browser Mod Support

The browser versions of the game now support mods via URLs. Only mods hosted on the web (or localhost) can be loaded into the browser versions of the game. In the Windows versions, mod files must be loaded from disk, and cannot be loaded remotely. In the future, the Windows version may also support remote mod files, however.

Mod support in the browser version is a little janky sometimes. If the mod menu seems to not be doing anything, you might need to restart the game. I’m trying to fix these issues.

URLs for mods for the web version:

Also, check out for a directory of mods! We have two fan-made mods available thanks to the talented player base, and honestly I think both are hot as fuck!

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