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What I believe to be the first mod not made by me for Succubus Stories was just released the other day by a user on the Discord, Alicia Seelentanz. Hopefully it’ll be the first of many!

The mod is called “Healslut” and is described this way on the wiki by its creator: “Healslut is a mod dedicated towards using sexual actions to provide a measure of relief to characters who have emotional problems that can’t easily be solved. As such there may be dialogue that is emotionally charged. Though typically this won’t be anything too heavy, it is worth noting to those who may be emotionally sensitive.”

The mod adds a special option to working in the tavern (tavern job is required) and to interact with Priscilla (when she lives with the player, Priscilla romance is required). Both feature what I think are some pretty hot scenes that I personally enjoyed. They have some build-up to them, but for me this enhanced the eventual payoff.

The creator describes the mod as being in an early state, and plans to add more content later.

Anyway, I thought the mod was great, and I was pretty impressed with the writing in it, and found it pretty sexy. I really recommend you check it out if you can. There’s a link to download it over on the wiki page.

Before this mod, we didn’t really have a centralized place for mod creators to post their work, so I made a dedicated page on the wiki, with instructions for how to add your own mod. If you are working on a mod, post it there! If you’re looking for mods to try out, keep an eye on that page!

One more thing I want to say, as some players have suggested they are concerned about modding because they don’t want to add content that’s already planned and could become redundant. If you’re concerned about this, feel free to reach out to me. I plan pretty far in advance, so I can tell you if a feature, idea, or type of content is planned or not.

Likewise, if modding seems daunting, the best place to get help is the Discord. We have a channel there where you can ask questions, and I’ll help you out to the extent I can!

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