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Thanks to the folks over at for approving this wiki and providing a wiki service that allows all sorts of content! Most wiki services don’t allow adult content to be discussed, but is a bit of fresh air and is much less restrictive.

The game has a wiki now, and I’ve already copied all of the content from the game’s manual over into the new wiki format, and written a few other pages and created a basic structure. However, a lot of information is missing, incomplete, or just placeholders. I would appreciate it greatly if any of you would be willing to write some content over on the wiki, or make edits/corrections to what’s already there.

Don’t worry about getting things perfect, I’ll be monitoring the wiki and make corrections as needed. Likewise, if you’re not super familiar with MediaWiki, you can just leave some notes like “THIS SHOULD BE A TABLE” or something and I’ll format it for you when I can.

So let’s say you’re interested in helping out, what are some things that need doing? Here is a list some stuff that would help, though please feel free to do pretty much whatever you think would be helpful.

  • Guides for anything really: activities, requests, romances, unlocking stuff, whatever. Make a link under the guides heading in the main page, then click the link to create a page for your guide and start writing!
  • Character pages and information. Data like where characters can be found and what they do or what services they provide would be awesome. Right now the characters that do have pages have basically zero information, and only a few characters even have pages at all.
  • Locations. There are many red links in the wiki pointing to locations. Creating a page with a brief description and maybe a list of activities (incomplete or otherwise) for these areas would be immensely helpful.
  • Lists of various things, like a list of traits, perks, activities, potions, etc. You don’t have to finish these or do them all on your own, but if you have some time to add in some of this data, that’d be awesome.
  • Editing and proofreading. Just fixing typos and grammar errors as you encounter them would be immensely helpful.

If you’re familiar with MediaWiki or really any wiki software and want to help even more by making suggestions or offering your expertise, please reach out to me on Discord or in a private message on Patreon, or just leave a comment below.

Wikis do sort of live or die on an engaged community, so I won’t lie, I am a bit nervous that its just gonna wind up being what it is now: the old game manual in a different format with tons of placeholders. If that is what happens, that’s fine, but I do really hope some of you are motivated to contribute your knowledge. Oftentimes it’s easier for players to know what sort of information they wish they had when they started playing. For devs, it’s not always easy to put yourself in that mindset. People ask for guidance on a lot of things I’d never even think to explain, in-game or out of game, so as just a dev-written guide, I do feel the wiki will be far less useful to players. On top of that, I think Succubus Stories is just a dense game with a lot of mechanics, systems, and content, and documenting all of that on my own is not the best use of my time, I’m sure most players (and patrons especially) would rather I spend that time making even more stuff for the game itself.

But that’s enough begging, if there’s value in a wiki for the game, I’m confident players will contribute. And if there isn’t, or the manual is enough, then that’s fine too. Either way, I appreciate you all and hope you’ll continue to support the game in whatever way suits you best.

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Thank you.

Even though the website isn't fully completed, but thanks.

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