Version 0.12 "Love and War" is now free, along with mod support and tools!

Changelog! - Update Preview (


This patch brings the Love and War update to the free edition of the game, fixes a few bugs, adjusts the game balance, and adds some new features!

Of particular note, players may now use potions during encounters. See below for a list of potions that can be used and their effects. You can press the P hotkey during encounters to quickly access the potion list. New traits relating to using potions in encounters have also been added.

And finally, mod support has finally arrived in the free edition of the game. Mod tools and documentation are available here. Two official test mods previously released to patrons to test the mod systems are also now available for free users to download and enjoy!


Hotfix for a dead end in the “ashlands” dangerous area.

v0.12.0Love and War2022-04-04

There’s now no choice but to fight. As Rachel’s machinations bring the kingdom ever closer to collapse, the player character will be forced to take up arms alongside Priscilla in order to stop her. This update features the conclusion to chapter 4, with a large amount of brand-new story content alongside new combat and dungeon-crawling game modes. Explore and fight through the story like never before.

But that’s not all! Romance is in the air! Rais’s romance path has been added to the game, featuring tons of steamy new content to experience. Fun and sexy expansions have also been made to Priscilla’s romance path. Also included in this update are new activities, new requests, new and expanded side content, new character progression options, tons of new artwork, and much more!


Windows (64-bit) 476 MB
Version 0.12.2 Apr 11, 2022
Windows (32-bit) 470 MB
Version 0.12.2 Apr 11, 2022
Offline Browser 373 MB
Version 0.12.2 Apr 11, 2022
Web Play in browser
Version 0.12.2 Apr 11, 2022
[MOD] Convent 43 kB
Apr 05, 2022
[MOD] Sniff (Oral Sex Action) 1 kB
Apr 05, 2022

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