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i played this before and liked it, tho was iffy about the 3d render. 
tho now i see there's hand drawn art. it looks great! glad to try the game again :)


Ohhhhhhh, how I love this game ;)

Somehow, it seems I cannot use the futa potions when having sex with women. Although the game says I could use them.. am I missing something?

You should have the option as long as you have at least one on hand. Note that just meeting a female NPC isn’t enough, you need to seduce them somehow, then you’ll get the option to use a futa potion alongside the normal option to start a sexual encounter.

Aah, okay. I thought I could use them when having a female customer while whoring out in the streets.

You should be able to do that, actually. You may need to have the certain perks though, I don’t recall off-hand.

Is this game available for android in the future?


See this reply:

Ok thanks

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Is there a way to be on the more 'good' side. Like improving reputation more than the starting reputation, doing generally good things. I really do like the protag she is pretty nice as it is and I think that kinda route would also fit her pretty well, um like sort of sticking to her humanity more I suppose?

I did notice that there were good deeds and stuff in there which I discovered that were pretty cool, but it did not seem to raise rep or anything.

Not sure how to explain it, but something for people who have a taste leaning more towards being good, and like getting sex in the more usual way leaning towards more of a love side than a depraved one. That's kinda what I find hot in a protag idk if it's the same for others.

Though I do get that she is not meant to be normal ofcourse

The goal of the game when I was conceiving it was to create a game that’s sort of like a “corruption” genre game, but to eliminate the more rape-y aspects by making the protagonist more enthusiastic about being depraved, and to get rid of the linear corruption track and make a more non-linear progression. One of the ways I did that was by making the protagonist “corrupt” from the start. A side effect of this was that there really is no way to do like a “pure” run.

I think maybe I can add some stuff to the rep system though, like you’re suggesting. I don’t really have any plans to add a more traditional “corruption/purity” system that would allow the protagonist to resist becoming more corrupt or depraved in general, but the rep system is a bit one-dimensional.

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Yeah, that's totally fair, its kinda what the game is all about after all. That gave me kind of an idea on the rep system. She could use cunning or charm in order to improve her reputation since she is tricking people into thinking better of her, which could match the character still being corrupt but making everyone think she's good. Kinda like how some rich noblewoman wears a mask of kindness and virtue, but underneath they are cunning and deceptive.


Played this awhile ago and thinking of giving it a shot again now since alot looks to be change/added.. But theres been one question on my mind even back then. Will she ever grow into a succubus form, like growing horns and a tail.  Or will it remain succubus in spirit ?. 

There are no real physical changes of that kind in the game, sorry.

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how do i raise my reputation from skank?

That’s related to your “depravity” which goes down naturally over time if you don’t do anything, well, depraved. Or it will go up if you keep doing depraved things (sex in public, say “yes” to most things, do over the top stuff, etc).


i think that a "start next shift" button and a "search for more customers" button would be useful, so you don't have to get out of the screen then back in,

just something i  thought of while playing

This is a good idea, and something I can look into implementing. Thank you for the feedback!

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Found a small bug, so I'm reporting it here!

Error message:

Error: <<set>>: bad evaluation: setup.topics[e] is undefinedLilith steps up to a nearby Error: <<=>>: bad evaluation: State.temporary.npc is undefined
to have a chat. Error: <<=>>: bad evaluation: State.temporary.npc is undefined
looks over at Lilith.

Error: <span>: bad evaluation from attribute directive "@class": State.temporary.npc is undefined

"Error: <<=>>: bad evaluation: State.temporary.npc is undefined


Steps to reproduce:
While in the bandit camp (This is my first time here, so I dunno if this is consistently reproducible after you go back to town), use the "Chit Chat" option. The error message is hte result.
The buttons work fine, so you can leave the screen just as you normally would.

EDIT: Second bug found, this one rather major (With an additional minor one attached)

I got an event where someone who is presented as male (blue text, referred to as "he" in the text) calls me a nymphomaniac (correctly) and propositions a quick fuck
Never one to turn down that, my succubus accepted... but the accept button is "Fuck her", and the resulting scene is with a woman!

Everything progresses smoothly from there (and I have done this scene multiple times before, so I know it normally works), but then I test out the brand new "switch buttplug" option. Everything seems to work nicely, until the scene ends, at which point I get a small post about an error message running back to me. Unforutnately I forgot to copy the message, so I can't paste it here, but it resulted in an infinite loop, as clicking "continue" just repeated the scene, resulting in me being forced to close the game and reload an older save.


Thank you. This has been fixed and will be fixed for the next release.


I really like the new 2d assets. Priscilla is especially cute.


A small question; is there any pregnancy content in this game? I just found the Maid Academy which advertises being able to take care of children for you, so it would be amazing if our lovely succubus could get herself knocked up a few times <3<3

No pregnancy in the game, sorry. I think that was just an offhand bit of world building.

Ahh, okay!

Feel free to consider that a suggestion in case you want to include it (though I bet it would take a bit of work to include a pregnant version of every art asset, so I bet it won't be easy)

It’s hard to have CGs with character changes like that. If the CGs were more uniform in their presentation, this would be easier to do. Maybe in a future game. I can’t see doing it in Succubus Stories with the amount of work it would end up being.

Yeeh, that makes sense!

I do have one alternative suggestion, in case that would be easier; If the succubus herself can't get pregnant, perhaps you can include pregnant NPC characters? Needing only images for that specific character should make it much easier, unless I'm misunderstanding how it works

Either way, no stress!

I found two errors with the update on Newgrounds.

-I can't switch between 3d and 2d art.

-I got this error after after having futa oral sex with a woman in the forest:

Error: <<=>>: bad evaluation: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'toUpperFirst')

<<= $who.toUpperFirst()>>

 quickly runs away after Paige is finished cumming and before she can do anything else.

"Maybe I got a little carried away…" Paige says.

the error loops, and I can't leave that message. Had to reload the gam

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If you open the about menu, you can double click/double tap the word By in the credits text By Outsider Artisan. Doing so will prompt you, asking if you want to “fix player position.” Select yes and you will be immediately sent to the travel menu.

If you get stuck again. Note that using this debug feature may lead to bugs, so I only recommend it as a last resort.

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Regarding art: I am able to switch art sets. Note that you must move on to the next screen to see art changes reflected, since changing art settings does not re-render the screen. Further note that the switch may take up to a minute or two on slower Internet connections as the other art set is downloaded. If that still doesn’t work, please tell me the browser and version (and whether it’s a mobile or desktop browser).

I will investigate the other bug.

Nice addition the 2D drawings, even though i personally prefere the 3D ones. 

Anyway, i think the constant maintenance of the main character is too much. Like, if it needed to do all her things from time to time, it would be ok, but the hunger the lust and everything take too much time imo. 

I must also say that quite some time has passed from the last time i played. Maybe things have changed a bit

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The art can be changed at any time from the settings menu, so you can switch back and forth as much as you want. Either way, I intend to keep and maintain both art sets.

As far as managing needs, I’m always adjusting balance. There are potions (calming balm and preserved semen) you get very early on that you can use to manage hunger and lust. Tons of traits and later potions also help manage this. For example there’s a trait in the “Unclean” set that reduces hunger and lust buildup when you are dirty, and one from the “Selfish” set that reduces or even freezes hunger buildup if you have stacks of stored pleasure.

On top of all that, the actual penalties for leaving your hunger or lust unaddressed are quite mild. For hunger you pass out and may get robbed for a small amount of G. This is a single screen event. For lust you drop and masturbate wherever, another single screen event plus you gain notoriety. These penalties also take a long time. You have to be at max lust or min hunger for an in-game day or two to see the warning, then another in-game day or two to actually trigger the penalty event.

I really don’t see this basic maintenance gameplay as a huge issue, or as being incredibly intrusive.

Ah, really? Then why not making the amount of lust, hunger and dirtiness raise considerably slower and the event trigger as soon as it reaches max level? 

Just not the way I designed it. You have to be in a bad condition for a while for it to have a major effect. Makes sense to me.

Unplayable in Chrome on Android (Samsung phone model).

Opening the second, third, or fourth dropdown menu (Widescreen, Perk notifications, and autosave frequency) immediately closes the menu and snaps you to the top of the scrollbar; and since those are the only ones I tried to use, and tried multiple times at that, I will assume this persists across all menus.

I also would suggest including the button to open settings on the title screen — most people I know prefer to adjudt settings and configurations before they start a new game.

Only selecting an option should trigger that behavior. And my testing on my own Samsung device has the expected behavior. I don’t like the snap to top at all, though, and should probably find another way to implement this.

The settings menu is available prior to leaving the main menu via the sidebar. I will consider mirroring the option on the menu itself.

Unplayable seems like a strong assessment even given the more severe setting issue you’ve encountered, but I suppose that is subjective. Not being able to change autosave frequency and some other small number of options on some percentage of Samsung devices is indeed a bug, but hardly on the level of a priority 1 issue like a softlock, at least for me.

I’ll try to resolve the settings issue for the next update. Hopefully I will be able to find some way to recreate it. Thanks for letting me know.

• There's a sidebar?

→ If I can only access the sidebar in widescreen mode;

→ → It doesn't start in widescreen mode.

→ → Widescreen doesn't automatically turn on\off based on phone orientation.

→ → I can't change to widescreen because the menu bug.

• It may not be unplayable for everyone, but since every dropdown I've tried is borked on my phone,

→ I can only assume all dropdowns are bugged;

→ → I can't turn off autosaving — a precaution I use to try to avoid instant file softlocks.

→ → I can't turn on widescreen — when playing games on my phome, holding it in portrait mode makes it impossible to see various things in browser-based software that are intended to be seen while using a PC. Less importantly, holding it in portrait mode is really, really uncomfortable.

→ → Any dropdowns that appear on any screen would be essentially non-functional.

So while I agree "Unplayable" is unreasonable as a objective rating, it was never intended to be. It is subject to my personal experience and preferences. I apologize if it came off as objective.

(3 edits)

You can’t see the sidebar? Wide screen mode will not fix that, all it does is remove the width constraints on text. It’s not like a landscape mode. You should be able to open the sidebar by tapping the menu button on the top left of the screen.

There are also no other drop-down inputs anywhere else in the game. It’s only supposed to snap on the “change” event, your browser is emitting that event on “input”, which is wrong, but browsers emitting the wrong events at the wrong times is not that unusual. In other words, this should only happen in the settings menu anyway, since in other cases, it wouldn’t be a big deal if both events are triggered at the same time. I should note this is not normal chrome behavior, so I need to investigate.

Also you can manual save at any time. Turning off auto-saving is not necessary to prevent soft-lock.

Edit: How to access the menu is explained during the in-game tutorial, immediately after the first sex scene. I feel like the hamburger icon is nearly universal for menus but I guess I can move that even further up and put it on the first screen of the game.

The 'hamburger' in the top left, or rathet the translucent box it is in, is the exact size of chrome's address bar, so my brain filtered it out, since there was a clear division between it and the rest of the screen, and being a solid colour, on load.

Since the buttons for discord, etcetera, were on the first screen, I hadn't bothered to look for a menu button, as I interpeted the opening page itself as intended to be a menu.

My apologies.


On the topic of autosaves, many games I play tend to overwrite your most recently loaded\saved — and in many cases only — save file when autosaving, so I feel most comfortable if I turn it off. I appreciate that, from how you worded it, the game has a dedicated autosave slot. However, if it has multiple auto save slots, I'd still like to turn it off as I have limited storage space.


I do appreciate you getting back to me on this. If there's any information that can assist in tracking down the bug, let me know how to find it and I will attempt to get it.

(1 edit)

You definitely should be able to stop the autosaving, and use the settings menu drop-downs in general. I’m having trouble recreating the issue myself, so it’s gonna be hard to find. As far as anything you can do, I appreciate the offer. If you can give me the version number of Chrome you are running, that would be great. You can find it by typing chrome://version/ into the URL bar of the relevant browser.

The autosave does use its own dedicated slot separate from manual saves, and there is only one slot. Saved games are compressed so should be quite small, but you should still be able to shut off autosaves, so this is still an issue either way and not ideal or intended.

I will try to find a solution to the bug, worst case scenario is to change the way the settings menu is implemented to totally avoid the snap-back effect in the first place, which is unsightly even when it is working correctly. However, doing that will take time.


Just want to say that I am *loving* this game so far! Haven't gottne very far yet, but the quality I've seen is top notch! Especially since it's suuuper hard to find a high quality game that features watersports, and this one does! 11/10 gonna be following this <3<3<3

Looking forward to the second art pack too! Not sure which one I'll use, both look amazing, but it's nice to have options!

Out of curiosity; is there ingame any non-human races (other than our intrepid succubus)?


Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked the game.

As far as non-humans, there really aren’t any outside the demons. Of the few non-human entities you encounter, only one, another succubus, can be lewded right now. I don’t have any plans to add elves or orcs or anything like that at this point, though I’m always open to suggestions on things people would like to see.

(2 edits)

Okay, fair enough! I was mostly asking because I am not very fond of human penises, and was hoping for some non-human ones to play with, but no worries!

As for suggestions, I do have one that I would love to see: A way to check your bladder level. Right now, I can't find any way to check how full she is, and since watersports is my main reason for playing the game I would love to be able to have more control over this aspect

And as a secondary suggestion: Maybe a potion that makes you pee more often? That would be amazing <3<3

(Apologies if those exist already! I might just not have seen them)

EDIT: I just found the piss potion! So that second suggestion is not needed <3

Thank you!


Here’s an occasionally updated potion list.

As you’ve discovered, piss liquor is indeed a thing, and it can be taken yourself or used on an npc.

As far as showing a bladder meter, it’s not a bad idea. It’s been asked for, but the urination isn’t really based on a meter, it’s more like a cooldown. There are flags, and you move progressively through the stages: “can pee” -> “must pee” -> “emergency.” There’s some randomness to it as well.

I could change it to be like a number that goes up over time instead, though, and I might, if only to get some sort of meter or bar for it in the UI. I also need to find a place for it in the UI, and if I add pee, I’ll have to add lactation too. I’ll do some mock ups or something though.

Hmm, it could be possible to use the existing values. Rather than a meter, it would be something like, "Bladder status: Empty/Low/Medium/Bursting" or something like that

A possible location for it could be under where the info about your characters dirtyness and hornyness is. I don't have the option to open the game to check right now, but IIRC there's a section under the Status menu that shows how clean/dirty she is, and also how horny she is. IMO it would feel natural to include a bladder and lactation gauge there

Either way,  just want to say that you're awesome for communicating so closely with your players like this! Even though I'm a brand new player and have barely gotten to chapter one,  you're taking the time to read my comments and answer, it's very nice to see!


The character menu is definitely a good idea for where to put them, I guess they don’t really need to be on the main UI. I’ll add something for the next version. Thank you for your input.

And yeah, we’re a pretty small game here so it’s not too hard to keep up with the comments, and I do genuinely find them useful. Someday maybe we’ll be big enough around here that I’ll be able to believably pretend not to read everything people say about my game ☹.

I wanted to download this game but I wanna know, what is the difference between the 64-bit and the 32-bit. Also, The difference between the offline browser and the Windows download because I wanted to download the Windows but if I can, I wanted to reduce my internet data consumption by downloading the Offline browser one. Can someone tell me please?

64-bit and 32-bit (the latter is also called x86) refer to your system’s CPU architecture. Most modern PCs are 64-bit, but some 32-bit systems are still being made, generally as low-end and budget computers. If you aren’t sure which you have, the 32-bit version should run on either kind of system. More info.

As to whether to get the browser version, you can if you want. If those MBs are valuable to you, the browser version is serviceable enough, I think.

If you’re on a limited or metered connection, note that the game is receiving an update on the 20th. As to whether that’s worth waiting for, that’s up to you. The updated version is going to be rather large, about an 80 MB increase across the board on every version.


Thanks for the quick answer and the Info, I guess I will be waiting for the next update rather than being impatient and wasting my internet data for downloading the game just 3 days before the next update. I will be waiting for the update so keep up the good work!


Nice game, but I wish I can censor foot fetish, too. I don't like feet :(

Feet are mentioned pretty often, less often than breasts and asses and stuff, but feet do come up a bit in descriptions. I think most foot focused content is well-signposted and generally avoidable though.

Honestly, I’m not sure it’d be feasible for me to go back and block all foot content, that’d be almost as hard as like blocking all mention of butts or breasts. It’s basically all over the game, but rarely the focus.

That said, your complaint is noted and its on my list. If enough other people mention it in the future, I’ll take the time to address it.


Thank you!


does/will this game have any darker themes? non-consent etc?


There is nothing nonconsensual in the game and I have no intention of adding anything like that.



so is it possible to become a futa? I've tried drinking the potion but my nudist succubus is worried about her skirt.


The futa potion can be used before most sex scenes with female characters (except prostitution, I hope to implement that in the next version) or before masturbating. The effect ends after the scene ends.

I’m working on expanding the potion, but you will not be able to permanently become a futa or anything.



Oh well.


Just wanted to say this game is pretty sweet. Thanks for sharing it with the world.

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Warning potentially SPOILER question.

If I chose "Encourage Priscilla to pursue Charlotte.", will the MC be able to have sex with Priscilla in the future? Or will this make that option permanently unavailable? (In choosing this option, MC says that if Priscilla accepts her love for Charlotte and continues to have feelings for MC afterwards, MC will then accept her feelings - that's why I ask.)


Charlotte is also going to be a romance-able character, but all the romance options will be mutually exclusive. None of this is in the game yet so it’s subject to change, but the idea is that you can encourage them to get back together, and they will if you don’t romance either of them.

If you want to have sex with Priscilla you should accept her feelings, though, if you choose not to accept them, she will get back with Charlotte unless you wind up with Charlotte.

Also note that all the romances will be mutually exclusive, so picking Priscilla prevents you from being with anyone else. Priscilla is the only romance currently in the game, though.

I'm dumb for this but how do I get past the prologue? I already set up shop. I also had a couple of random witch events in the forest. I tried having her be put on stocks and be put on dungeon. I tried having the people see her as depraved and seeing her as decent. I dunno what else to do. I remember way back then that the protag should meet a guard or see a random event of a secret door/entrance or something to progress the story. Is this that game or something else?

Either way, it's a fun game. It does feel grindy at times though that's probably just because I can't move the story forward lol

What does the log (hotkey: E) say to do right now?

(1 edit)

Ah nevermind. I think I got it now. I'm not sure what the issue was but I cleared my browser's cache and cookies then restarted the game. I can progress the story now. Sorry for the trouble! :)

I'm waiting for an Android version


The web version is functional on android devices, and should be usable (if a bit awkward) on most mobiles and tablets. If you need to play it offline, it works fine with the JoiPlay app though you may need to alter a few settings, like making the game play in portrait orientation.

I might make an android port someday if I feel like I can improve on these options, but for right now, I think the game is playable enough on android for most users.

I like where this is going

you peeked my interest

Joiplay only?

For offline play, you need to use JoiPlay with the “offline browser” download. But if you are online, you can just play the web version on your android device.


This weirdly seems gay as fuck this game. lol


It’s as gay as you make it 👀. Or something like that.

No need to take in anything this person says.

 Go to his profile and look through his posts. He is a total incel, loves rape wants all his characters to have sex with everyone, Including married women, but for some real life personal reason gets extremely upset about  the idea that a woman  he is with sleeping with another man.

  To the point that if he was that vocal about hating butt stuff  and homosexual men as he is about watching his (entirely theoretical) female partner have sex with a more potent male, everyone  would totally know he was self hating in the homosexual closet.

  I've found that an excellent way to find good games isto read his comments and check out every game he bashes on.

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If I have a gripe about this game it's the constant need to for the character to wee all the time.  It's not just that i'm not into the kink it's that an extra meter to manage on top of an already grindy game. The main gameplay loop seems to consist of  sex act,  find ingredients, craft and wee  repeat, with little narrative plot  development and  few if any choices to that actually change our character or feel like progress.

That said I have not played in a while  and it looks  the game has had some updates so i'm willing to try this one more time  but given my issues seem to be with the games mechanics  and story i'm not holding much hope that this is for me

I don’t think the game is that grindy, if anything, due to constant feedback from players, I think it’s gotten almost too not grindy for this genre of game, like it hits you with too much new stuff too often, to the point I worry players will get overwhelmed or just forget about entire game systems or miss out completely on certain activities and events. Obviously I’m biased, since I made the game, so maybe I need to collect some feedback on this point.

Either way, I’m not saying you’re wrong. If you think it’s too grindy that’s unfortunate, and I’ll try to see what I can do in future versions.

As far as needing to urinate, I don’t know. That’s something I need to collect feedback on, too. I think this is the first complaint I’ve ever gotten about that.

The patron edition lets you shut off various “emergencies” like pissing yourself, so it’s possible some people agree with you but have it shut off in that version, so maybe I haven’t gotten as many complaints about it as I should have.

I can collect some feedback on the grindiness and the rate of urination.

I definitely dislike the constant need for peeing, but I don't mind the grind. It feels as though peeing is a required fetish forced on the player that's impossible to turn off rather than a basic need.

I could make peeing optional, but you’d still need a source for the ingredient. Maybe I can make an option where you skip the scene but still gain urine at a fixed rate. Or, even easier, I could just make it so that peeing yourself takes longer.

Do you find the emergency (peeing yourself) scene is happening too often? Or just the general idea of it at all is off-putting? Like if you had more time to just go pee on your own, would that fix it?

For me, it's a bit too frequent, but I also think a part of it is the act of clicking a "pee" button itself is a bit much at times. It doesn't kill the experience entirely for me, but it still feels like I should be able to avoid it. I think one way to fix this could be just having, maybe a shady vendor in the woods sell it (along with other materials you wouldn't find at a typical market stall), while making the basic need part a toggle could fix it entirely as well.

I’ll add some sort of option for this in the next version. Probably more along the lines of just gaining the ingredient at a fixed rate rather than a vendor, though, since adding a whole vendor/shop just for this seems excessive. We’ll see though.

Thanks a lot for the feedback.


What's different about the one year anniversary version (Btw love the game hope you make more like this)  

Hi, sorry, I changed the art already but the update is coming to the patron edition on Oct 29 and to the free edition (this version) on Nov 5. I will post a major update devlog when that happens, which should create an alert for players.

I’m glad you like the game! Thanks!

Alright thanks for the info.

No problem,


Is there an option to disable NSFW images but keep the text?


No. Is that something you think would be useful? It shouldn’t be too hard to add as an option, so I’ll consider it.


I believe it's useful even though it's much better to have images to assist the description of the NSFW scenes. Some people would want to disable it so that they can work their own. As for me, it's to play the game without making it obvious that it's NSFW. Thanks for considering!


Art can now be shut off. Thanks for the suggestion.

Yay! Thanks!

I've got a bug or probably unintentionally left over. When art is disabled, the art in Status menu is still there.

Thanks, I’ll fix that.


I really didn't expect some good plot here. It's so fun! I've been playing nonstop (im writing this at 3am now), but i decided to rest for a bit cuz i need help. How do i get breast milk? HELPPPP

There’s a potion you can unlock called a “lactical.” You can either have the player drink it or use it on NPC women via potion magic to collect breast milk. It should also be available at the shop in the market and via expeditions at the maid academy if you hire witches.


Loving this so far! One thing I think could be fun would be some activities for working as a stripper, to earn money and attract customers for prostitution. Could start out tied to a specific location, but high levels of exhibitionism might unlock the option to dance in public. Just a thought!


I like this idea, I may use it. Thanks for the suggestion!

No problem! I'll definitely stay tuned.

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Will we be able to choose outfits(other than just dresseed undressed) and looks of our character(like hair colour, skin colour etc)? I believe the game needs more customization. But I liked it, looking forward for the new updates.


There are no plans to implement customization as a game system, but there are plans to add configuration options related to the artwork in the game.

Typically, it’s difficult to have CGs and have significant character customization, and any sort of outfit system would have very limited use since you can only see the player character’s full body in the game menus anyway.

I've been searching for the human urinal scene, but I've never been able to find it. Where is it located and how can I make it happen?

If you mean what I think you do, you have to complete the short questline involving Dale in the barracks (The Sting and Death and Taxes). If you can give potions to Dale in the barracks, then you’ve already completed this part.

Go to the backstreets while you’re very dirty and you’ll have the option to talk to a woman, and doing so starts the request The Urinal, which unlocks the activity on completion.


Love the gsme so far.....are there any plans for an android version?


From this post on the pateon:

Will there be an Android port?

Maybe. This is on “life support” on the task board, which means I’m not working on it at all, basically, but I am thinking about someday maybe working on it. Realistically, if I do make an Android app, I would do so only after the game is finished, so it’s not gonna be soon. And if you want to play the game on your Android device now, you can pretty easily. The web version of the game runs fine on mobiles, Android or IOS. If you want to play offline, you can use the JoiPlay app to run the browser version of the game, which you can download off the page. You won’t need any plugins to play it on JoiPlay, but you’ll need to configure the game to run in portrait mode and probably adjust a few other settings, too.

ok thanks


I loved it, and played it until the "ending" AKA the end of what was developed, how much more is going to be added for free and how soon, if an estimate is available?

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Version 0.9 should be coming to the patron edition in mid-June and to the free edition in late-June. I will be updating the game about every 6-8 weeks.

Most game content will be available in the free edition. I will be adding mod support in the next few months, and that feature as well as several test mods will be patron-exclusive indefinitely. Additionally, the patron edition includes cheats and some minor convenience features. All core game content will be in the free edition though. It’s my goal to make the free edition feel complete and the patron edition feel like it has extra stuff, not for the free edition to feel like it has missing pieces locked behind a paywall. It’s a hard balance but I do think of Succubus Stories primarily as a free game funded by player contributions rather that a paid game with a free version.

The game’s story is about half done; it will be five chapters, a prologue, and an epilogue, and as of v0.8 we’re halfway through chapter 3, so pretty close to the middle. I will be adding endgame and postgame content, including a new game plus mode, and only about a third of the planned requests and activities are in the game, so while the story is half done, I will continue to work on the game for quite a while after the story is completed.

Sorry for the lengthy reply, but I figure I can link to it for similar questions in the future so I may as well get it all out here.

I wasn't honestly expecting a reply, thank you!


i like it, there was sad moments and  happy ones, i even started to hate pelenor.

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Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it!


Hi, I really am enjoying the game so far, but how do I turn off watersports in the settings, I'm just a little confused on if it's supposed to be on or off

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The content shield system only blurs the offending content rather than removing it due to the fact you’ll need urine for alchemy. This isn’t a great solution but I’m not sure I can fix it at this stage. Under the “Content Shield (Beta)” heading in the settings menu, turn the shield On to have the offending content blurred. In other words On means the content is being blocked. I can see how the wording may be confusing, I’ll see if I can’t make it clearer.


ohhhhhh, ok. that makes sense, I was getting the blur but at the time I wasn't sure if that meant it was blocked, thank you so much for clearing that up for me.


Hi there! When I play on mobile (iPhone) and close the safari app, my entire save data gets deleted. Do you know why and if there is a way to bring it back?

If you’re playing in a private browsing mode, saving will not work. If it’s not that, it may that Safari has a limited storage space (about 5MB last I checked) for websites and web apps to use, and it deletes content that isn’t used after only one week if the user hasn’t been to those sites. If the 5MB of storage is full, it may delete content even sooner. How it chooses what to delete isn’t clear to me, but I suspect it’s a combination of how often you visit/use a given website or web app and how recently you’ve used it. So my recommendation is:

  1. Make sure you aren’t in a private browsing mode.
  2. Make sure to open the game occasionally so Safari doesn’t delete it.

There are some improvements I may be able to make on my end to help alleviate these issues, like letting users copy and paste saved data as text instead of passing them around as files, but these ideas are still in their infancy for right now.

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"Jizz Bomb Mk. II" is bug?maby this is connecter tho thed

Weird. How did you get that potion? It shouldn’t be in the game.

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I do not know.

Maby after use normal or own brand jizz bomb.

Hmm. Thanks for the report I’ll look into this.


I am happy to help (-:

...excellent game ^_^

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Will there be a potion oriented around pregnancy because the game talks alot about pregnancy

Edit: also the intro says nothing to explain how she became a succubus will that change?

Will there be a potion oriented around pregnancy because the game talks alot about pregnancy

There is no pregnancy in the game. Not sure what you’re referring to, I don’t recall ever mentioning it.

Edit: also the intro says nothing to explain how she became a succubus will that change?

No, the intro will not be changed. How the player character became a succubus is explained later, as is her desire for revenge.

How do you discover more potions again? I'm lost...I'm trying to romance Priscilla and want to make Succubus Snack.

Just make potions and you’ll level up over time. In this version, all potions are worth the same XP, so just spam cheap ones. In the next release (v0.9), harder to make potions will level you up faster.


How do you get the romance scene with Prisclla? I have been trying to do that but it never happens.

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Priscilla cannot be romanced after she moves to the bandit camp early in Chapter 3, so you need to do it before then. However, not romancing her will also open up different sets of options later. While due to the nature of the game, you obviously have pretty open relationships in the romances, only one major character can be romanced in the story, as it has some effects on the endings, so missing Priscilla isn’t too big a deal.


Please I want to translate to Thai.


I have had a few people offer to make translations to various languages. I will consider these requests after the game is complete or nearly complete. Thank you for your interest.

Will there be an android port?

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Copied from another response:

The Offline Browser version of Succubus Stories is compatible with the JoiPlay app (no plugins are required, just the main app), though you will need to make a few adjustments in the settings, including probably setting it up to play in portrait mode. Note that I have not personally tested the entire game in JoiPlay, so you may encounter bugs and other problems, but it does seem to work fine based on the testing I have done. The web version is also mobile friendly, and should work on most tablets and smartphones. Portrait orientation is recommended.

A proper Android APK is possible, but is very low on my priority list given that it’s only a slightly better solution than the other two. Probably when we get closer to a 1.0.0 release I’ll begin experimenting with support for additional operating systems and platforms.

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