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there should definitely be a incubus version, or m/m

I was originally going to allow players to play as a male or female in very early drafts of the game, and some code left over from that time does exist, but at this point it would probably be easier to just make another game from scratch than to try to go back and revive that concept. There are sandbox text games somewhat similar to this one that do allow you to select your gender though, like Degrees of Lewdity and Lilith’s Throne.

ah, makes sense, thanks! :)

How do i get the piss perks and its upgrades?

The easiest way is to just do urination oriented content. With the correct exhibitionism-related perks you can start peeing in public. You can craft and use piss liquors on NPCs. After reaching the bandit camp there is a special activity you can do there. There is also an activity in the dungeon. Basically everything related to pissing except just peeing at home or having an emergency counts toward unlocking the perks.

question, is there or will there be an option to leave an existing romance? like a break up

No, I’m not planning on it.

quick question, does this game allow femdom

I’d say the main character leans more toward the submissive side, if anything. There are a handful of scenes where you can take a more teasing, mocking, or aggressive role, but they aren’t the norm. The game doesn’t really focus on BDSM or sub/dom stuff in general.

alright thanks for letting me know

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I'm doing The Sting request and I've got the sleeping potion but I can't find Dale in the barracks no matter when I go there. Help?

If you’ve reached a certain part of the story (Priscilla moves to a new location instead of being in uptown at night) this request becomes impossible to complete. If you haven’t reached that point yet, let me know and I’ll look into it to see if it’s a bug!

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Hey! I really love this game, but I have a few suggestions:

1. Playing 100% lesbian is *really really* hard. To my knowledge, the only way to satiate your hunger is by choosing "fun potions" at start, drinking the lactating potion, then getting the thing that allows you to drink breast milk. It would be nice if female cum was collected and had the same effect as male cum

2. Could you add a cloud save? I can't download a save file and really would like to play this game through further

Again, though, thank you for making this! It's awesome <3

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  1. Playing 100% lesbian is really really hard. To my knowledge, the only way to satiate your hunger is by choosing “fun potions” at start, drinking the lactating potion, then getting the thing that allows you to drink breast milk. It would be nice if female cum was collected and had the same effect as male cum

Lesbian only was never really intended to be possible, so I’m actually sort of surprised it is without cheating. That said, people have asked for it, and as a connoisseur of yuri myself I get the desire, so I may go back and smooth things out at some point to make this easier or more possible. Maybe a special selection of potions geared toward this playstyle, or some more easily accessible traits for this. Collecting female cum will probably not be a thing, though.

  1. Could you add a cloud save? I can’t download a save file and really would like to play this game through further

Infrastructure for cloud saves would be neat, but there are certain practical considerations that make this difficult. First, doesn’t have this capability, so I’d need my own server and authentication, menaing users would basically need to login to the game, being logged in to Itch and playing the game wouldn’t be enough, though I could probably let users use their accounts to authenticate as I believe Itch allows that. On top of that, collecting user data is not something I can do lightly even if it’s more or less anonymous and even if I never intend to look at that data myself. There’s a lot of laws and such to comply with if I do it on my own. I do think it would be great to have but I’m not sure I’m up to it at this point in time and I think most users would find the entire ordeal suspicious even if it were optional.

This is probably something best handled through the platform itself, so on’s end. I have seen cloud saves requested in the past. If Itch adds it, I will support it in Succubus Stories for sure.

Again, though, thank you for making this! It’s awesome <3

Thank you so much for your kind words!

This game is addicting. Story-wise, I've completed what is there. I came for the smut, ended up invested in the plot as well. 

Two questions: 

I've used the piss liquor to collect from a man multiple times but my journal says I haven't completed it. Is there another action I'm supposed to do or is this a bug? I'm playing the browser version if that helps in case it is a bug. 

Also how can I complete the help Rais relieve himself activity? 

I’ve used the piss liquor to collect from a man multiple times but my journal says I haven’t completed it. Is there another action I’m supposed to do or is this a bug? I’m playing the browser version if that helps in case it is a bug.

Looks like this is a bug, I misspelled a flag name. Thanks! I’ll fix this for the next version.

Also how can I complete the help Rais relieve himself activity?

This is supposed to be dummied content, I will remove it from the list. You were going to be able to just ask Rais to piss on you but I never actually completed it.

This game is addicting. Story-wise, I’ve completed what is there. I came for the smut, ended up invested in the plot as well.

I’m glad you liked the game!

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Does unlocking moving in with rais mean i can't progress relationship with priscilla? not sure what to do as i'm kinda stuck sharing feeding her.

You can only be in one romance, so starting one effectively prevents the others from happening.

oh, thanks. also, how to feed priscilla fun way?

Once she moves to the bandit camp, if you have a high enough affinity with her this set of activities should automatically unlock.

1: happy new years

2: is it possible to retrieve Xbox data to phone? Not like I play it on xbox or anything!😳 okay maybe a little..😞 but I'm further on xbox and wanna retrieve the data...

I’m not sure what browser XBox uses or how it works but I doubt it would be possible to transfer the game data easily. Unfortunately I don’t own an XBox to check and see, so I can’t really help much beyond saying it’s probably not easy to do, if it is possible.

it uses Microsoft edge so I don't think I can.. 2 different browsers can't merge data I don't think...

The issue is more about exporting a save; the game features a save to disk feature in the saves menu, but it may not even appear on an XBox, and even if it did, I doubt the browser is allowed to even access the file system outside of the browser’s dedicated storage.

No mobile ?


The game is mobile friendly. You can play it on the web or download the browser version and use JoiPlay.


I play this exclusively on my phone and can confirm it’s a very pleasant experience (also the game in and of itself is pretty dang good)

Have a go and, if you like it, you may end up wanting to check out Rogschard for even more mobile-friendly text-based lewd adventures.

One big problem with that is that my photos app will show all of the assets in it, so yeah I can't hide the game and so it's better if it's in an apk form


Adding a file named ".nomedia" into the root directory of the game will tell your Android phone not to look in that folder for media files, which should prevent your photos app from displaying them. I use that method on my devices

Most (decent) photo apps also have a setting to exclude specific folders, so you can try that as well.

Thank you

why is the 2d artwork called old? is it being updated or smth?

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References to “old artwork” in any official materials might be referring to older 3D renders. The player character’s 3D model was updated mid-development, so portraits and CGs made earlier look different than those made later. At one point I planned to update this older artwork with the new 3D model but I no longer plan to do that.

The 2D art was never planned to be updated in that way, though the later 2D art does look somewhat different than earlier art as well for certain reasons (one being that the artist kept “buffing” her, if you know what I mean). There was more time to work on later art in general, leading to later 2D and 3D art both being of higher quality than earlier efforts.


can someone tell me how to do a threesome with carol and gray? And is the part make Carol cum when teaching her a part of the process? 

I wrote an entire article about it because it is fairly easy to miss:

woah thanks a lot!!!


By the way, there seem to be a bug happening to me when I go on an expedition in the maid academy and no gem dust is gathered. It appears on the screen that many oz of gem dust is acquired from the expedition but when I check my items, there is none. Only the one I manually scavenge from forest and lake is taken into account.

Thank you, I’ll fix this.


the 2d art is way better in my opinion


I imagine this is a relatively common opinion, though a few people do still prefer the 3D renders, either because they’re the game’s original art style or for other reasons. I switch back in forth every now and again in development just because I get bored staring at the same images over and over, but I generally prefer the 2D art as well.

Whelp! Ain't that a bitch?

I can't use the wiki!

I’m aware.

Mods do not work because of a syntax error can you please otry and fix it i wish to try the convent and other mods but due to the error its not really feasible

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What error?

I just tested convent on both the web version and the windows version and it works fine in both.

I ised the web version and it replied syntax error some scenes may work but unintentional

This is the error ive been trying to tell you about i made an account just for this and to say its a great game but please fix the mods ive been trying for weeks to play it

Where and when is this error happening? I need to know how to reproduce it.

Ive been getting this error on my android playing the web version and trying to install any mods on the mod manager

I can’t repro this error but I’ll keep an eye out for anyone else having this issue and see if I can get to the bottom of it.

How do I learn to make powerful potions from Pam? 

Nevermind, I managed to complete that request. Could I instead ask how to get the request: "Create a legendary panacea"? 

Nevermind again, figured that one out too.

May i ask about how to achieve both of them pls?

I went to the market an I saw an option to do them. 

However I do not know at what point in the story you will be able to unlock them, but when I did both of these requests I had already completed the story and pretty much all other requests. 

okay thanks a lot!!

Hello can you ad a mobile version please?

The web version is mobile friendly and the offline browser version is compatible with the joiplay app for offline mobile play.

Is there any way to change the protagonist's sprite (the one in the status menu) to the same one we had in earlier versions? I understand that the new sprite is probably necessary for the outfits to work, but I'd rather sacrifice the outfits than get used to this new art style. The old sprite just looked better imo...
P.S. I've been following the game for quite some time now and I'm loving it so far~

Are you referring to the 3D render or the old hand-drawn image? You can swap to 3D renders in the settings. Older versions of the hand drawn art are no longer in the game.

Yeah I was talking about the hand-drawn art. Sad :(

I’m a bit upset, I was in second chapter, saved the game and left, came back a few minutes later, had to start a new game all over again 

I assume this was on the browser version? What browser and device? Also note that manually clearing browsing data deletes saved game data.

Is there a way to complete past requests like "lustful" and "milk maiden"? 


Lustful might be bugged, I actually don’t think it’s accessible in-game right now. I will make it stop showing up on the reflection screen. Milk maiden: no, there’s no way to get it after Priscilla moves to the bandit camp, at least for now.

Whats the new source of sustenance for Priscilla?

Not sure what you mean.

How do you have sex with Priscilla?

You can see a brief guide here:

Normally a better guide exists on the wiki, but the wiki is ded :(

Thanks this helped a lot. I would also like to report a bug. On some requests usually about one per play through the request box doesn't show up but the request remains there. I don't think it affects main quests though.

What request box?


priscilla is so cute :3

i wanna give her a deviancy ale tho

Can someone help me? I don't know how to make a homunculus

It’s part of Wicked Pam’s line of requests. You’ll meet her as part of a request for Charlotte, then can find her in the coven. Visit her a few times to start the next part.


"Wait." Carol stops Rais before he can say it. "Let's try writing it down. Maybe that'll help." Carol leaves and returns a moment later with a piece of paper. She hands it to Tamar.

It says "Tamar."

"This…" Tamar shakes her head. "This is my name. My real name." Reading it, she can almost hear her father saying it. She can almost hear…a soft female voice saying it too, a voice she can't quite place.


I restarted the game and chose Paige as my fake name in the start of the game. after that I can go into settings and change my name into Tamar lol

Quick question because I'm trying to unlock the uh, breeding option for Rais. How the hell do I get pregnant? I know I have to use potions but I've gone through about 10 of them already and nothing. So my character essentially just keeps getting stuffed, and then there's no results.

I have the same problem.

it seems i cant load the mod on the browser (im using a mac) and used the url but it doesn't react when i confirm it so im a bit lost here... im using the itch launcher to play most of my games on itch.

Mods can be a bit fiddly. If you restart the game and try again it may work. I’ll try to make the mod support more stable, though.

How do you update the games version for windows? I tried downloading the latest version and unpacked it, but it didn't change the version appereantly. 

Version 0.13.3 is the latest version. Just downloading and playing it is all you have to do. I can’t imagine how that would give you an old version.

Oh, I mean; I already downloaded the game some time agao and wanted to update it to the latest version now. Is there a way to do that or do I have to install the entire game completly, wouldn't that erase my safe-files then?

Save files and mods will not be affected, though you can use the “save to disk” feature to be extra safe. Saves and mods should automatically transfer between versions. Just run the new version and everything should be there. You may want to re-download the game as I’ve just released a patch only a day or two ago.

Ah, thank you very much!

How do you make rais dinner?

It’s a random event if you go to his house in the evening while in a relationship with him.

Will it every be animated? or at least the 3d renders?

No, sorry. I’ve thought about maybe doing some Live2D animations, but I don’t think it’s worth the expense and time.

Deleted 80 days ago

You need to use a potion to get pregnant for the first time. You can unlock the recipe through alchemy (just make potions to rank up), though they are high level, so you need to grind a lot. The potions can also randomly be found in the coven, purchased for TP from Wicked Pam’s shop, or you can start with one by selecting the “random assortment of fun potions” option at the start of the game.

Once you get pregnant and give birth once (which you will need a potion for), you can unlock a trait that lets you permanently become fertile, though with lower odds of getting pregnant than with the potion.


Hey! Thank you so much for creating this game! I am literally amazed with it's story! I'm really really glad I'm able to play it. :) <3

I’m so glad you liked the game! Thank you for your kind words!


This game is extremely well-made! however, when will free users be getting an update?

Getting free players an update is my main priority right now, I’m hopefully gonna be able to get something out very soon!

I can't seem to complete the "Masturbate in public as a futanari" activity. I've done it in multiple locations, but it will not check off. 

This appears to be a bug, thanks for letting me know. I’ll fix it in the next release.

no problem

I don’t know what I missed but I couldn’t figure out how to get stored pleasure but I’m absolutely loving this game, can’t wait to get my pc working again to have saves and the Patreon version

You need the perks “No Shame” (gained from exhibitionism) and “Self Love” (gained by masturbating) and the trait “Self Satisfaction” (there’s a bunch of “Self X” traits, this is one of them) to unlock the “Selfish” trait set, the first trait of which is the “Stored Pleasure” trait.

This genuinely made me crack up.

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll try to fix that.


Loved playing this game, everything went smooth & artwork/writing is great! Can't wait for new updates :)


Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked it!

Where would the save game be on windows?

Saved games, along with user settings data, mod data, etc is all stored in local app data, however it’s stored in a way that makes it difficult to access. You can use the Save to disk and Load from disk options in the save game menu to generate a save you can access more easily, however.

when is the public version of v.0.13.1?

For various reasons I had to break the update up into three parts, v0.13.0 was the first part and v0.13.1 is the second part. The third part of the update is v0.13.2, and will release to both editions at the same time when it is complete. It should release in mid-October. You can see the recent post on the changelog for more. I always release a patch to both editions when I bring new content to the free edition, so that will technically be v0.13.2, but it’ll catch the free edition up (mostly).

alright, thanks for answering my question. excited for the public version. great game, btw

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