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I think I'm stuck on ch 4, I have to save Rais and Charlotte but the option to go to the castle is no longer there

You have to enter through the market, if memory serves. Is that the option that no longer exists?

It was always below the 'go to the guard barracks' option :/ no idea why it's gone, I even went to Rais' house and my character said that she had to go and save him


Are you still stuck? If you are, you need to go to the market during the evening (and evening only I believe) this allows you to sneak back into the castle. The option to go to the castle under the 'barracks''  was removed after it was revealed that you were a demon (I believe) and your objective was to destroy something, so charging though the front gate is probably a bad idea. Hope this helped.

It worked! Thank you :)

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It for some reason cant register the making of potions so i cant complete the "make a potion at home" quest

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This appears to be a rare bug. After you’ve made a potion, open the game console by pressing the tilde key (~), then type: :first potion and press enter. This should get you back on track.

I will try to fix this bug for the next release.

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You're saying it like they're balls have muscles

if i was good at editing photos i would add muscles on balls.


Are you suggesting that I am not an expert on balls? There’s no one on earth more qualified to describe balls than me. I am an expert on all things balls. A ballspert, if you will.

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Hello, there seems to be a problem with the carol quest (version 0.12.3). If you start the quest after Roland's tavern gets wrecked and he opens another one near the bandit camp, you can't actually complete Carol's job side quest as you have to "Work as a barmaid to see how Carol is doing" which is no longer an option by then. Another bug is that if you get caught by a guard and click to "Use potion magic" then click "Forget it" the game will just forget about the guard and throw you to the screen you were supposed to be on before getting caught by the guard, effectively bypassing the danger from the random event all together.

Also the serious and regular scenes should have some transition between them because I really feel like the music switching up from serious to joyful in one frame just takes away the mood that the game had set up just a moment ago in a single click, even a simple black screen and the volume fading slowly would greatly improve the ending of an important scene like that.
(eg: when we see how Rachel actually killed Tamar to become a demon. That part unironically made me tear up and then the happy music just started blasting in my ears and just spoiled the moment for me at least)

Anyway, cool game.

Hello, there seems to be a problem with the carol quest (version 0.12.3). If you start the quest after Roland’s tavern gets wrecked and he opens another one near the bandit camp, you can’t actually complete Carol’s job side quest as you have to “Work as a barmaid to see how Carol is doing” which is no longer an option by then.

I’ll look into this. I do believe Carol’s request is intended to be canceled after a certain point in the story, but I’m not sure how I actually scripted that, so I’ll look into it.

Another bug is that if you get caught by a guard and click to “Use potion magic” then click “Forget it” the game will just forget about the guard and throw you to the screen you were supposed to be on before getting caught by the guard, effectively bypassing the danger from the random event all together.

Thanks. I will fix this eventually. It’s definitely an unintended exploit, but I haven’t made it a major priority, just because I don’t think it’s widely known about. Still, it does need to be fixed.

Also the serious and regular scenes should have some transition between them because I really feel like the music switching up from serious to joyful in one frame just takes away the mood that the game had set up just a moment ago in a single click, even a simple black screen and the volume fading slowly would greatly improve the ending of an important scene like that.

That is an interesting problem I hadn’t thought much about. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Another bug:

If you try to transmute breast milk into elixir but cancel after setting the amount, the game will still take the set amount of breast milk without even giving any elixir back. This only happened when I canceled transmuting breast milk (I tested and it worked as intended when transmuting and canceling semen>ale, semen>gemdust and gemdust>agates)

edit: it actually gives back the set amount of breast milk but it returns it in gem dust

Thank you. This will be fixed in the next release.

So, I've been absolutely loving this game so far but I'm curious about something. In the traits menu I've noticed it mention a gloryhole in the tavern, so I was wondering how you access it

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There is a request that becomes available starting in chapter 1 that unlocks the gloryhole. Start it in the tavern by speaking to Roland, then use the journal (hotkey E) to get through it. There’s a few ways you can complete it, but all unlock the same rewards, including the gloryhole activity.

The traits menu shouldn’t let you even see the traits related to using the gloryhole unless you’ve unlocked it, so I should look into that.

Will you make the playable character's appearance become customizable?

Cosmetic outfits are being added in the next update, but only for patrons.

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Please made android version

The web version works on Android and IOS. You can also download the offline browser version and use it with the JoiPlay app on Android for offline play.

love this just asking how close is the next update or if there’ll be more updates

Version 0.13 is currently in development. This update has been difficult, but it’ll be coming soon, hopefully before the end of August.

How do you unlock the "head uptown" option?
I can't seem to figure out what to do

Just keep playing the story. Check the journal (hotkey: E) if you need help moving on in the story.

i think its funny that even the developer thinks the hand drawn models are better than the 3d ones


the game is great, it's just a shame there's no android :)

hey, im stuck on chapter 1 I just want to know how to find wimbol

You need to complete the request “Preservation” which is started in uptown at night. You can refer to the journal (hotkey: E) to help get through it. After the request, you will be able to talk to Priscilla in uptown at night time. She can tell you where to find Wimbol.

thank you so much bro i was stuck on that for a while


the emerald tiara seems to be bugged. it doesn't get added to the wardrobe and instead just keeps giving me the delivery event for it. I already have 3 tiaras (Gilded, Ruby, & Amethyst).

Thank you, this will be fixed in the next release.



This was so fun to play. It makes me play to all my hidden desires and just things that wouldn't absolutely do in real life. I like that you can also romance the general<3 it's too bad you can't romance Gray since he has a girlfriend.

The only bit I didn't like is the forced futa content on my character, but it was minor and just hidden. 

I'm playing the game on Android through Joiplay, is there any way to play the mods? I really want play one of the mods but I'm not sure if it's possible to do it through phone on Joiplay.


I’m glad you liked the game! Unfortunately, mods are only possible on the Windows version of the game, at least for now and for the foreseeable future.

im stuck on the chapter 1 deal w/ wimbol quest . i decide what method to use but every time i go to the wimbol manor i only have the option to lie to get in or to sneak in and neither of them work .

You can use a potion to increase your cunning/charm. Also, make sure you’re not hungry or horny, as these statuses reduce your social stats. Every time you fail a social stat check you gain experience for that social stat, as well, so you can just brute-force your way in as well, though the check is intended to be hard enough to require the potions, and even then may take a couple tries.

I may revisit this particular part of the game in the future as it seems like a choke point for players.

use ruby tiara


this game is so good! i really enjoy all of it and the actual plot is very interesting! great job and i hope to see more of this in the future!


Great game but my only complaint would be that vaginal and anal actions have the same art which can be a little annoying. Other than that, I love this game


are you planning an Android version?

The web version of the game is compatible with mobiles, and the offline browser version can be played on the JoiPlay app. I have no current plans to port the game to Android as a native app, but I may do so once the game is complete.

I've reached the end of the game without completing the sting side quest and it is now impossible because Dale is not at the barracks. Is this planned to be fixed somehow in the near future?

I can look into this, I’m not sure but I believe “The Sting” is supposed to be canceled automatically after reaching chapter 3 if it hasn’t been completed yet.


I keep finding boxes on my doorstep that are supposed to have new tiaras in them, but when I open them I get the ruby again. Is this a known issue?

Yes, this will be fixed in the next release.


I really love it so far....

But I can't figure out how to find spring water, so I'm stuck! Please help ;-; <3


You can get spring water from gathering it at the lake or the forest, though the lake is better for spring water. You can also get it from expeditions.

owo I sound so ignorant, pls forgive me 

I played it for a few hours earlier and I still haven't figured out how to even get to the lake 


Regardless, I am loving this game SO much and wish there were more games like it 


Thanks, I’m glad you like the game.

The lake should be an option you can access in the travel menu right from the start of the game. You may need to scroll down, it’s toward the bottom.

has the new update arrived ?

It’s not even done yet. You can follow my Patreon for updates (just following is free). Planned release for the patron edition is sometime in late June or early July, and the free edition version will follow after a week or so.

How and from where I can follow u on patreon?


You shoul make it  so we can install it on android and maybe do a bit more update i already finished the game also make more games like this its fun

The game is not complete, yet. It’s still being actively developed. A native Android version may come in the future after the game is complete, but the offline browser version can be played on Android via the JoiPlay app.

On the options there are things like watersports, lesbian content, funatari, etc. It all starts with off. When I turn it on, will I activate the content or a filter that will block it? I found this a little confuse

Turning it on turns on the content shield, which blurs the content.


Bro has the new update launched!


This is Good


I just finished the game! (As far as it have been developed that is) I really enjoyed it, thank you! I look forward to the rest of the game.

THE web version doesn't work on mobile, is this a glitch with the game or my device?

I just tested it, it works on my mobile. What does “doesn’t work” mean? Is there an error?

I can't scroll. Maybe it isn't supposed to be played on Apple phones.


As far as I know, it works fine on Apple devices, this is the first I’ve ever heard otherwise.


Android is running fine on browser for me

i somehow cant even open the game what do i do?

Can you provide additional information, like which version of the game you are trying to open, what operating system you are using, and what happens when you try to open the game?

im using the newest 32bit version on winrar and after i try to open it a new window opens wich says the archive is damaged and cant open

Does just unzipping the folder work? I use normal zip archives for everything.

i did and absolutely nothing happened

I’ll try to see if something is wrong with the file real quick.

I just downloaded a copy of the win32 version from the page and it unzipped and ran totally fine. The only thing I can suggest is that you attempt to redownload it, maybe something went wrong with the download.

Anyone knows if mods work on mobile using Joyplay?

Mods are only available on Windows, at least for now.

wai how do i work the mods?

Hi! Modding documentation can be found here. Feel free to ask specific questions, though.


holy shit this game is fucking amazing, this game is easily a top 5 for me only beaten out by CoC 1 and 2, TiTS and Ravager which are all 10/10’s for me

Thanks for the kind words! That’s good company to be in!

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Where's the download save button in Android? (in browser)


I am investigating adding this feature to mobiles. Please stay tuned!

Where might I be able to (non-publically) give suggestions for the game?


You can fill out the form on my personal website or join the Discord server and send me a DM.


Sometimes I find a really good porn game, but I only give it 4 stars, and I wonder if I am being too critical and have unreasonably high standards... and then I remember the existence of games like this. Best porn game I have found in a while, definitely 5 stars. Sandbox games are always appreciated by me, and this one has an especially nice variety of scenes and fetishes throughout. I don't intend to get every scene, but unlike in many other games of this type, I didn't ever feel pressured to find them all. It's not perfect, there are several things I can think of to improve it, but several of them already sound like they're planned for future updates (expanding the amount of stuff you can do with Priscilla, for instance), and the good stuff is so good and so expansive that the game more than overcomes its flaws. I was surprised by how engrossed I got in the main story, and how original it was... finding that I had suddenly reached current the end of it for this update really hurt. The branching choices are especially well done; I can't ever think of a time where there was a clear "right" and "wrong" choice, it was always more like choosing between equally good/bad options, which would nonetheless have clear consequences afterwards. The main protagonist is great; she's a perfect mixture of unapologetically extremely perverted, yet still highly driven by other goals, yet generally extremely nice and cheerful, yet willing to be tough and stand up for herself and others when necessary. Playing as her and seeing the world through her eyes is probably the main thing separating the setting from being mostly silly and fun with some occasional dark parts for contrast, or instead being oppressively all-encompassingly painfully grimdark.


Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the game. I really appreciate you taking the time to write a review!


I'm really looking forward to the mod update, when do you estimate it'll be released?


I’ve had a number of technical issues with the new gameplay systems in the update, and I’ve also had other major issues over at my “real” job that have demanded a lot of my attention. It shouldn’t be too much longer. You can follow me on Patreon (following is free) to get updates.


What is the game made in? i wanna see if i can make something


Twine. It’s a modified version of the engine called “SugarCube.”

Do you have any tutorials or guides that you could recommend? I'm trying to figure out how to create a ui and choices. Also I'm not using sugarcube due to it not working, Also I wanna do a name yourself and saving and loading. Help would be appreciated. Thanks for responding.

I’m sorry, all I’m familiar with is SugarCube, and I just read the docs. They’re pretty easy to find on Google.

ah man, thanks anyway i learned java just to write this

Ok i got sugarcube to work but im struggling with a command. CAN YOU HELP ME?

its supposed to do this

if you set $gender to "girl" set $feminine to "10"

and if you set $gender to "Boy" set $masculine to "10"

you could put <<set $feminine = 10>> and <<set $masculine = 10>> in your Story Init passage, then it's a matter of using <<if>> for when points are taken away or added. like

<<if $gender is "Boy">>

<<set $masculine -= 1>>

This may not be the most efficient way, but it should work.


Ive got some recommendations for the game. Turning off the watersports content should actually remove that content from the game, instead of just blurring the text for it, same as with every other toggle off. Such as, you shouldnt be able to get the "Piss Slut" trait if watersports is toggled off. There should also be a toggle to turn off feet content, because not everyone is comfortable with it (like me, im not.)

(2 edits) (+2)

Watersports content: There was a bug that was causing “emergencies” even when they’re shut off to build toward the watersports fetish. This will be fixed in the next update. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can completely remove every little reference to it from the game, but I’m plugging the holes where I find them. I also acknowledge that absolutely no one likes the way I’ve handled content blocking (the blurred text) but it’s just too late to change it now. Just to be clear, all content toggles work exactly the same way.

Foot fetish content: I mention feet with some regularity; less than breasts and asses, but not a whole lot less. I think it’s infeasible for me to go back through every scene in the game at this point to add a way to toggle that content. The game is over 320,000 words long (nearly 400,000 in the upcoming update), so going back through all that content looking for mentions of feet is gonna be quite an undertaking and I just don’t have the time to do it right now.

oh okay lol


Question. When you set up your booth at the market. And you add in Special Offers. Do your helpers also provide any of the extra Services


Only Carol exists as a helper right now. She does not actually “help” with the sexual stuff, but she does watch and react to it, so her presence is reflected in the resulting scenes.


Will there be something at some point in time to see the artwork at any time via the starting screen or something?

I might add something like that at some point. Probably not a full gallery with scene replays, but maybe an art viewer.

So, Like a Gallery or something??

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yeah i just forgot the word


Is it possible to add a feature where you can date the characters? And Captain Rais seem like a good character to have sex with but there's no options available either


Priscilla already has a romance path. Rais is getting his in v0.12 (the next update). Charlotte is getting a romance path in v0.14 or so.

You will only be able to romance one character. It’s a pretty open relationship for obvious reasons, but for practical reasons players are limited to one main romance.

There are a lot of posts on my Patreon about the expansion of romances and about Rais’s romance, so you can look there for more details of you want to.


I'm trying to do the preservation II task, but my progression seems to have somehow locked priscilla into never being uptown at night. Is this something I can fix or does priscilla just eventually stop going there?

Same here, I couldn't get to have sex with Priscilla because she was at the bandit's place the entire time.

Certain requests and events can no longer be completed after Priscilla moves to the bandit camp, including her romance path (for now at least). I will try to fix the journal so that the affected requests are properly canceled when this happens.

I may make a secondary path for Priscilla’s romance after she moves to the bandit camp, but it’s not a priority right now, as I’m focused on adding the remaining romance paths for now.

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